Earlier this year I won a commission, by Lumen Art Projects and Contains Art, to create a network of digital artworks for the coastal town of Watchet in Somerset.  This has been a massively challenging project, to create five interactive installations at unusual locations (a shipping container, a chip shop, a hardware shop, an estate agent’s and a pub!).  The artwork, Making Us, explores the relationships between technologies, nature and us humans, focusing on the fascinating industrial heritage of Watchet, and contemporary life in the town.  The installations ran throughout the summer 2019.  My favourite comment in the visitor’s book (and reminds me why I love doing what I do) was “What is happening? Joyous!”.

Following that hectic installation week at the start of the summer, I took up my artist residency - the Goldsmiths and V&A Digital Programmes Computational Arts Residency.  I’ve been taking advantage of the excellent Hatchlab maker facilities at Goldsmiths, and expanding on my research and experiments for ‘the expressive machine’.  This residency culminated at Digital Design Weekend 2019, where the results of the project, my Internet-of-Things-techno-baroque boudoir, made its debut.