Salty Bitter Sweet

The machine ‘tastes’ its live video stream, browsing piles of junk, garbage and other unwanted rotting things.  Salty, bitter, sweet, sour, umami.... 

Taking a vocabulary pool from Shakespeare’s sonnets and WIRED online, it composes love poetry and a soundscape from what it tastes - sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, sometimes salty...

Visitors are invited to add to the heap, mix it up, to influence outcomes.

Written in C++/openFrameworks.

Neural network (via Wekinator) trained to taste webcam video feed.

Genetic algorithm and Stanford Natural Language Processing Group’s PoS Tagger to evolve poetic fragments.

Continuously running installation with garbage heap, webcam, Mac Mini and projector

400 x 400 x 400cm

Exhibited at the Lumen Big Reveal / V&A Digital Futures, Hackney House, July 2017