Expressive Machine

“Gaining now in confidence, the machine has struck up a collaboration with a complicit item of furniture, inveigling its way into the soft, yielding interior of the sofa.  Eager, moody, sensual, distracted, it shares with you its stream of consciousness.”

In this series of work, the capacities of computation are exploited to examine how technology and technological organisations intervene and influence our attention, emotion and expression.  The machine takes in information, from near-at-hand stimuli and from the networked world; in the absence of top-level executive control, it processes these data sources, transforming and triggering expressive output.  Touch becomes sound; vision becomes taste, becomes words.  To what extent can we, as humans, be considered as complex transduction machines?  How does the human, other biological organism, or machine differ in what might be classed as emotion and expression?

Interactive installation using touch sensing, live data streams, machine learning and natural language processing.


Creative Machine 2, London, Nov 2018

V&A Digital Design Weekend, Sept 2018

Echosystems, Goldsmiths Computational Arts, Sept 2018