The Psychotropic Lounge

“The Lounge features the latest Responsive Sound Suite and Internet-linked Mood Management System.  Stroke the touch-sensitive sofa, or play grooves with the NeoTheremin.  No need to watch the news, as the Mood-of-the-World is downloaded directly to the Lounge’s Interactive Wallpaper.’’ Estate agent’s particulars for the Psychotropic House, Guest Projects, Jan 2014.

Installation, including interactive back-projected wallpaper and bespoke touch-sensitive furniture, using Kinect sensor, Engduino, MakeyMakey, C++ and OpenFrameworks on Mac OSX. The interactive sofa is a collaborative work, with painted fabric created by Anya Charikov-Mickleburgh especially for the Lounge, and digitally printed fabric by Allison Soupcoff.

Created for The Psychotropic House by XAP, Guest Projects, London, Jan 2014

A commissioned adaptation: Love Mutated, for Endless Reach, Tough Love in the Loft at Mother Studios, Feb 2014.

Adaptation for the ‘Un-Private House’, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, Aug-Sept 2014.


Photo by Peter Jones and Leonie Mellmann