Salty Bitter Sweet

“The Machine has made itself, quietly, unnoticed, in a back room.  From partially broken and discarded components.  Now it tries to explore and understand the world in which it finds itself.  It tastes what it sees - abandoned pieces of junk, rotting matter.  In response, tentatively, it begins to express itself, in machinic love poetry and soundscape...”

Continuously running installation with garbage heap, linear actuator track, webcam, Mac Mini and projectors.

500 x 500 x 300cm

Exhibited at: the Lumen Big Reveal / V&A Digital Futures, Hackney House, July 2017

Overlap, Goldsmiths MA/MFA Computational Arts show, September 2017

Virtuality Mortality, Ugly Duck, October 2017

Written in C++/openFrameworks.

Neural network (via Wekinator) trained to taste webcam video feed.

Genetic algorithm and Stanford Natural Language Processing Group’s PoS Tagger to evolve poetic fragments.